Your Brand: Custom Water Bottles for Every Occasion

Customized Water Bottle Printing: Customize for Corporate Events

Customised water bottle printing is a great way to promote your business or organisation. They are used by many companies for promotional purposes, and they can be printed with logos, designs, slogans and more. Customised water bottles make an excellent corporate gift at events – when you choose the perfect design for your event’s theme, it will help create a lasting impression on recipients that will have them talking about your company or organization for weeks! Customised water bottles can be created to promote a variety of occasions. Here are some ideas:

Birthday parties and weddings – they make great giveaways for kids at birthday parties, or as wedding party gifts. People will always need more water bottles!

Sports events – Inexpensive promotional products like customised water bottles really stand out when you give them to your team members and supporters.

Health and wellness – Promoting a healthy lifestyle with customised water bottles is a great way to deliver messages about important health issues like diabetes, cancer awareness, etc.

Customised Water Bottle Printing

There are many ways you can personalise customised water bottles: Water bottle printing techniques include screen printed, full colour digital or dye sublimation. The best option for you will depend on the design of your water bottle, which is why it’s important to discuss this with your supplier.

Screen printing uses a multi-colour process that prints designs onto one side of the customised bottles by pressing ink through mesh screens onto plastic surfaces.

Full colour digital printing sublimates printed images into the surface of the water bottle. It makes for vibrant, natural-looking colours and images on customised bottles – this is a popular option because it doesn’t limit you to only printing one colour.

Dye sublimation transfers full colour photos onto plastic surfaces by infusing them into powder coatings or ink layers that are then heated at high temperatures in order to bond with the material beneath. This process ensures an accurate transfer of your images (and prevents fading) when creating customised water bottles using dye sublimation techniques!