The History of Board Games

When Did People Start Playing Board Games?

Are you playing situs judi slot online resmi terpercaya and wonder when did it all began? Board games have been around for centuries, and they are still popular today. The first board game may have been invented in ancient Sumeria about 3,000 years ago. Back then it was called “The Royal Game of Ur.” It is believed that the game spread to Egypt because of trade routes with Sumeria. The game became so popular that Egyptians began playing it while waiting for their turn on the pyramid building project!

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The board game “Senet” was introduced in Egypt. It had a similar layout to the Royal Game of Ur, but with some changes that made it easier for players to win! The first boards were drawn onto papyrus and placed inside decorated boxes. Later on, cedar strips or ivory pieces replaced the drawings because they did not wear away over time as drawing does. Egyptians believed that Senet would help them reach their final goal afterlife – joining Osiris in his eternal paradise! They painted scenes from daily life instead of religious symbols on their playboards because games were considered an important part of Egyptian society by then. In fact, even children played Senet starting around age five years old!! Like other civilizations, Egyptians enjoyed playing this popular game with friends and family.

Then, around 2000-1600 B.C., a board game called “Mehen” was invented in Egypt, too. This time it had a circular layout with the goal being to completely go around the circle and back to where you started without crossing your own path! The players rolled dice that determined how many spaces they could move forward on the track each turn during their journey ’round and ’round Mehen’s spiral pathway. These games would have been very popular because people may have played them while waiting for food or beer at their local taverns!!