Make Sure Your Child’s Teeth Are Healthy

Tips from a Pediatric Dentist

Kids love brushing their teeth because it’s fun and they get to use the bathroom sink all by themselves. – but sometimes, kids can be picky about just what toothpaste they’ll put in their mouth so you may need to experiment with different flavors until your child finds one he likes. – It’s also important for parents to brush their own teeth at least twice a day since children learn best from watching adults model good hygiene habits. The summerville pediatric dentist will help you with your kids, so make sure to visit this dentist.

Summerville Pediatric Dentist

The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and then eat breakfast after that, but I make sure to always put sunscreen on before leaving home because it’s easy to get a sunburn if you forget your sunscreen and don’t go back inside until lunchtime.

I like using this toothpaste for brushing teeth; it tastes great! What flavors of toothpaste does your family use? My favorite flavor is peppermint because it makes me feel like I’m at the dentist office when she puts that minty stuff into her patients’ mouths whenever they come in with cavities or bad breath. Don’t forget to floss twice a day too! Do you have any good techniques for flossing that isn’t too hard for kids to do? Make sure you floss before brushing your teeth because it’s really hard to get all the gunk out from in between your molars if you don’t make sure to floss first. I think having a timer would be good so everyone knows when they need to stop brushing their teeth or else they’ll end up with sensitive gums and cavities!